Friday, November 29, 2013

Retro Teal Berry Brocade Vest

This summer I made a brocade vest. The brocade was originally a really dark green and I dyed it into a teal. It took me two tries to get the perfect color I wanted. I learned that Rit Dye works best. I used a navy blue liquid dye. It was something I just did for fun. The idea was in my head and I was way too anxious to let it just stay there. It's a women's vest but it could so easily be a men's vest without the heart buttons. I love the fact that the brocade floral print came out a berry color and the inside has more of the berry faded solid with the green brocade print showing.

Front View

Back View

Double Breasted Details

Button Details

Graffiti Madness: Walk In The Street

A little adventure never hurts! Summers are meant to be explored! My summer of 2012 was pretty great. Graffiti is something I've always loved. I tried going for a skater look with this outfit. I've always admired skater girls and how tough they look.


Graphic Tee:


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Retro Rockin Prom

My prom dress inspired by Sherri Hill. I'm in love with Sherri Hill dresses.  This dress is completely different than what I expected it to be but it came out way more retro from the original one. I still love both styles. I looked very different from everyone at prom. I won Duchess and I felt beautiful the whole night.
Go check out the lady who made my dress! 
She sewed up for me what I designed in my head at the time I could barely even sew.

Prom Dress Sewn By: Shanavier McLemore
Prom Dress Designed By: TyTanisha L. Zacharie (Me)
Black Lace Back Cardigan:
Black Rose Clip: Blackfly Metamorphosis
Black Quartz Circle Studs: Charming Charles
Bow Clutch Purse: Charming Charles
Lace Gloves: Spencer's
Turquoise Skull Bracelet: Spencer's
Lace Fishnet Thigh Highs:
Charcoal & Black Oxfords:

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Navy Birds & Rose Lace Ruched Bib Dress

 This is my final dress project from my last year at UIW. We were assigned to design a dress of our own for my flat pattern and apparel class. We drew and made the pattern for the dress in flat pattern and sewed it in my apparel class. I will be honest and say that I was extremely unprepared to do this as I should have but I went with the flow because it was something I wanted. I didn't make a good grade for my class but I did finish it up over the summer with a little help since it's lined and ruched. I did this dress with a year of experience in sewing. I enjoyed creating it, it's another piece of learning for me. I couldn't be anymore happy with it personally by experience. :)
Front View

Side View

Back View
Bib Close Up
Skirt Close Up

Skirt Details

Skirt & Lining Details

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Lace Pastel Pink Floral Brocade Mandarin Collar Jacket

Brocade! Ever since the first time I worked with this fabric, I've never touched any other fabric for a jacket. In this garment, I learned how to do a mandarin collar and a Hong Kong finish. The professor had jackets assigned as the second thing of my second semester of design. I loved how fast and easy this jacket was but of course I had to do something different. I had to add my lace trim and I made the jacket longer with pockets. Even though we were a bit restricted in my class, all of us students still made diverse styles. I personally found myself rebelling with all my creativity as I could.

Front View

Side View

Back View

Open Flap Version

Open Flap Close Up

Collar Close Up

Collar Detail-Back View

Pocket Details

Button Details

Jacket Details

Mint Striped Polka Dot BowTie Blouse

The first thing my design sewing class started with, was a blouse. I ended up picking the bowtie blouse because I wanted to do something different than everyone else and I got away with it! I started this blouse with less than five months of sewing experience. My blouse ended coming up pretty well thanks to excessive sewing. I learned how to do tucks, a gathered long sleeve, wrist cuffs and bowtie collar! I will confess that my buttonholes came out horrible but it's another garment to be proud of.

Front View

Front View Details

Side View

Back Side View

Arm Cuff Details


Saturday, November 9, 2013

Retro Flower Pearl Lace WashedOut Quilt Messenger Bag

I think it was fate that a girl named Jasmine gave me this cameo button out of the blue. I wouldn't have gathered the thought of this design in my head. It just instantly clicked when it was time to sew this piece for my sewing apparel class. This is the fifth and last thing I designed for my first semester of design. I originally didn't like the quilt fabric but I realized it looks really great with the look. This bag is a mix of pearls, lace, shiny clear plastic buttons, and tulle. It's absolutely perfect and I'm very proud of it. Also, my bag has this washed out look because I washed it and threw it in the dryer. It made it so much more amazing. Thank you happy accidents!


Black & White Buffalo Checkered A-Line Skirt

The first skirt I made is this A-line skirt. The fabric is really pretty and it's shiny. I think the contrast is really nice. This was the fourth thing I made in my first semester of design. My sewing was getting better and better. My first three garments were really stretchy and this one was way less stretchy. There's an invisible zipper sewn in. I had fun making it!


Plaid Magenta Lace Pajama Shorts

 These plaid magenta lace pajama shorts is the third thing I made in my first semester of design. I found these a lot more easier than the pajama top and apron. It was way quicker but, of course I had to add lace trim! These shorts also have elastic in them. So my pajama shorts are my first elastic waist garment. It was fun and it goes great with the top. I love matching.