Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Navy Birds & Rose Lace Ruched Bib Dress

 This is my final dress project from my last year at UIW. We were assigned to design a dress of our own for my flat pattern and apparel class. We drew and made the pattern for the dress in flat pattern and sewed it in my apparel class. I will be honest and say that I was extremely unprepared to do this as I should have but I went with the flow because it was something I wanted. I didn't make a good grade for my class but I did finish it up over the summer with a little help since it's lined and ruched. I did this dress with a year of experience in sewing. I enjoyed creating it, it's another piece of learning for me. I couldn't be anymore happy with it personally by experience. :)
Front View

Side View

Back View
Bib Close Up
Skirt Close Up

Skirt Details

Skirt & Lining Details

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