Friday, December 13, 2013

All Hail Lana

 Where did the trend of flower crowns come from?? It came from the lovely Lana Del Rey. Lana is not your original musician. She's very different from all the artists out there. She has this personality like no other. Her songs consist of such great stories and they leave you so inspired. I would love to meet her one day. I originally love the flower crown trend. It's been out for awhile. It's a fashion favorite. I handmade my flower crown hours before FWSA. Joey Ramirez was the designer for the show I went to. His models had this Lana Del Rey Beehive thing going on and her music played in his show. I read about him in the FWSA program and I had to go. He used skull prints in his show & they said he was going to use flower crowns but he took them out. It was a great show, I loved it! 

Flower Crown Handmade By: TyTanisha L. Zacharie (Me)
Cream Crochet Inset Cardigan:
Lace Top:
Coral Acid Wash Shorts:
White Tights:
Micha Boots:



  1. Super cute! I've made crowns with real flowers but this is a lot more practical.
    The real ones wither so quickly!
    x atelier zozo


    1. Thank you! :) & really? That's super cool, I've never heard of someone making one with real flowers. A lot of people use the fake ones. You should send me a pic of how they look! I would love to see them :)