Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Avant Garde Going Green Gown Exhibition FWSA'13

This was one of the events at San Antonio Fashion Week. Avant Garde Going Green Gown Exhibition happens every year at FWSA. Fashion Week in San Antonio first started out in October 2009. Tony Harris Productions is the firm in charge of it all. It's led by a man named Tony Harris, he's a fashion publicist and event producer. The Gown Exhibition is a recycled runway competition between designers, artisans, etc. from around Alamo City. Any local designer can participate in this. Down below, is one of my favorite designs at the show. The next one is a picture of my friend Adriana and her model. Her design was made out of the insides of chip bags. The last two are designs I got pretty nice pictures of that looked cool. This event is amazing! There's so many talented people involved and there were so many amazing designs on the runway that night.


San Antonio Fashion Week Website:
Winners of FWSA Avant Garde Gown Exhibition:
Tony Harris:
Adriana's Blog:

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