Monday, December 2, 2013

Montage Vintage

I took a little trip to Montage Vintage this weekend. It was my first time visiting there. It's like a really fancy thrift shop you could say. I actually noticed some of my friends liking & interacting with this page on facebook and found it really cool. I also became friends on facebook with a lady who works there. So I found that really awesome. This place is really nice. I would say its one of my favorites and it was my first time being there! I went on a buy one, get one free I paid for the lacey sunglasses and got the onyx earrings for free.

Montage Vintage: [LookBook]
[store website]:


  1. Awesome glasses! I'm going to check that site out :)

    1. Thanks, you definitely should! :) Their shop is a lot more better in person. So many great clothes, shoes, & accessories!