Wednesday, December 18, 2013


I originally had this look inspired by one of the designers at FWSA. Samantha Plasencia designs were extraordinary. I love the edge that all her models had. She used this quote from Alexander McQueen that says "I want people to be afraid of the women I dress". That's exactly what I felt from her models and I love that so much. Her designs reminded me of Jaden Smith & MSFTSrep but so much more than that. I personally wish I used as much edge as she uses in her designs. She has so much skill that I love.
Check out & like her page at . My style and garments are more retro than anything but I've always loved edge. Alexander McQueen is my top favorite designers & I hate that he left us so soon. This look was also inspired by American Horror Story. I think that show is extremely cool & I admire it. This is me using my inspiration along with my personal style. Can you see my story?....

White & Black Contrast Hat:
Long Black Cardigan:
Bow Earrings: Brash Brand ---
Black Lace Peplum White Collar Top:
White & Black Brocade Print Skinny Pants:
Charcoal & Black Oxfords: