Sunday, December 1, 2013

Pearl Tulle Black White Contrast Crop Top

In my apparel class we did many muslin projects to turn in. We would sew selected patterns that we made in flat pattern in apparel. This top was one of them. It's a gathered neckline style. We usually turn in our muslins in raw. By raw, I mean no zipper, unhemmed and etc. Over the summer, I decided to reconstruct one of the muslins into a wearable top. I put black bias tape around the neckline, armholes, and the inside seams to look more professional. I also hand sewed the zipper, the pearls and of course the buttons. I had to glue the tulle with fabric glue because I didn't want the sewing of the tulle to show in the inside of the top. It's just another personal DIY project I enjoyed doing this summer!

Front View

Back View

Zipper Close Up
Buttons Close Up

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