Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Winter Solstice

It was cool going to this event. I met some new people and other designers like myself. It's so nice to see Shanavier as a emerging designer for her clothing line Shanavier Mclemore. It's something great to see because she's successfully doing what I'm trying to do myself. I can never forget her making my prom dress design come to life. Designers Daiquonne & Brittnee's designs were also displayed at The Winter Solstice. I loved how chic Daiquonne's designs were and how different Brittnee's designs came out compared to Shanavier and Daiqonne's designs. I liked all the designs, every designer had a signature look. There's only a few pics I took, wish I took more. You can check out more of Shanavier's designs at . You can also check out Brittnee on

Shanavier McLemore Designs

Shanavier McLemore Designs

Shanavier McLemore with family & her designs

Daiquonne Lanier Designs

Daiquonne Lanier Designs

Daiquonne Lanier & his designs

Brittnee Lavender & her designs.

Shanavier McLemore & Daiquonne Lanier

Food at the party

Collage Billboard at the party

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