Friday, February 28, 2014

Retro Polka Dot Lace Black Skirt

Side View-Close Up

Side View

Front View-Close Up

Front View

Back View

Hair Bow to match

Front View of the outfit

Side View of the outfit

Back Side View of the outfit

Full Back View of the outfit
Happy Sunday everyone!! I'm starting March off with my last garment. This skirt is the fourth garment from what I planned for the fashion show. I had someone model it for me but I like it on the Dress Form  for now. As you can see, the skirt is made out of some type of nylon polyester fabric. I love the shiny finish the fabric has on the outside. I got this fabric from C.I. Castro's. I did a polka dot waistband for a cute contrast. I thought the huge bowtie was a perfect finish to the skirt. I love how the flare came out on this one. I'm open to selling this skirt.

W:30 1/2''
H: freesize (So much room for flare. Skirt is suppose to be size 14)

Tell me what you guys think! Message me on my facebook page if you're interested in something like this. I hope everyone is having a great day! :)

Monday, February 24, 2014

Retro Lace Crop Top

Front View

Close up of bottom lace trim

Back View

Side View

Close up of top back view

[Before pictures]

Retro Lace Crop Top. This top was originally just a muslin project for my class. The bias tape makes it wearable and classic. These type of fabrics fray a lot. I use bias tape as a substitute for serging. The lace detail was added to make the top into a bigger size. I wanted to do this top for my first fashion show. I found someone who could wear it but they ended up not doing the show. The stylish detail just made the top bigger enough to fit different shapes of girls. Unfortunately, I didn't do this piece for the show. I think this top looks great on a size 12. It could possibly look even better on a size 14. I imagine it being on someone tall with a long torso. I'm open to selling this top. I don't have the exact measurements just yet but I'll get them later in my next post.

 I don't feel I looked into much inspiration for this top. I used the things that I personally love. I like using a lot of lace, pearls, & tulle. The top came out very classy & chic. It's a perfect top for a special event or date. I think it can be worn casually too.

Saturday, February 22, 2014

1960's Lace Retro Damask Dress

Front View

Close up of bow & lace sleeves

Close up Side View

Bow Close Up

Bottom Details

Hair Bow to match

Who would be crazy enough not to love the 1960's?? I personally love 1960 fashion and personalities! I like to give my clothes this back in the day look. My garments just come out so vintage!! I just think it's my thing. This dress was inspired by the Mod Fashion in the 60's. I just love the cute little dresses the girls use to wear in that age. I think they are too cute. Mod Dresses is probably one of my favorite trends from the 60's. I take myself back in time every time I make my garments. I got this beautiful grey Damask print from Joann's. The lace is from C.I. Castro's. C.I. Castro's just has some really cool fabric to work with. They sale the fabric a lot cheaper than local fabric stores like Joann's. My goal is to find other fabric shops in San Antonio other than ones I already discovered.

B: 35 1/2"
W: 30"
H: 39 1/2"

I will be doing pictures with actual people in this dress. I am open to selling this dress if anyone is interested. It comes with a bow. The bow matches the one that is on the dress. I think it'll look cute in a 1960's hairstyle.

Monday, February 17, 2014

Part II: Navy Birds & Rose Lace Ruched Bib Dress [Dress on Dressform]

Size: S/M (Alterations if needed)
B: 35"
W: 29"
H: freesize

As some of you may know, I'm a fashion design and merchandising student. I'm a fashion designer. I've been doing this whole fashion thing for almost 2 years. This dress is the first dress I've actually designed from scratch. I usually use commercial pattern for my designs but this dress is made from my own handmade pattern.  I want to sell this dress! It will be sold with the bow. This dress also has lining in it. The skirt section has a lot of flare too. I'll also do alterations if you need them. Unfortunately, I have already sold the shoes. If you want the link to the shoes, just email me or comment below.

If you're interested in buying this dress, just message me on my facebook page.
You can also message me if you want me to make you something like it. :)

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

No One Can Take My Soul Away



No One Can Take My Soul Away. I did a story for the Lookbook X Love Nail Tree Contest. I had so much fun doing the photoshoot for this contest. I feel I had the perfect photographer to help me get my story across. I feel as if I have the soul of ying yang. I have both black & white personality. I think we all do. It's fun going out of your way for creativity. I was Alice In Wonderland inspired. I feel as if my character in this story is being unusual and that's great! Unusual is different. Most people don't like to stand out but there's some of us who do. Many fashion designers dare to be different because they want to stand out. I see that as a gift because no one can really portray it. They can try but there's nothing like the first. Expressing & living your dreams is done without the impressions of others. You do it for you and your eternal happiness as a human being. The whole moral of my story is to be who you are and believe you can dream as big as you want without the impressions of others.
My Story:
The Photographer:

Lace Rabbit Ears Headband:
Haunted Gibson Girl Costume Top:
White Black Brocade Skinny Pants:
Thrifted Classic Boots

Saturday, February 8, 2014


Love is in the air and in the spirit of Valentine's Day ModCloth is asking their Instagram community to participate in a love-inspired ModCloth Instagram Challenge Simply follow the schedule in the image below, tag your photo's with #modweekoflove @ModCloth and share the things you love the most with the ModCloth community!

Submit as many photo's as you like and Happy Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

ModCloth Make The Cut Contest: 'Prints Charming'

Have you always dreamed of becoming a fashion designer? Well now that dream can come true! The ModCloth Make The Cut program is a recurring design contest that invites the ModCloth Community to design garments, graphics, or fabric prints. Its main purpose is to further their mission of democratizing fashion by producing clothing designed by community members. YOU can become a designer at ModCloth!

How does the contest work? Entrants will design a new print for a private label dress silhouette that is already being produced! Contestants have two weeks to submit designs. After the submission period, the ModCloth Creative Team will narrow down the submissions to 20, which will be sent to the guest judge, Amanda Needham, Costume Designer for Portlandia. After Amanda has chosen the 10 finalists, they will be posted on the Be The Buyer page for voting. There will be a week for the Community to vote, then ModCloth will contact the winner and update the contest announcement with the big news!

• Contest is Live Now!
• End of Submission Period: Friday 02/14/14• Launch voting on Be The Buyer: Monday 03/03/14• End voting on Be The Buyer: Monday 03/10/14• Winner announced on ModCloth Blog (winner will be contacted personally): Wednesday 3/12/14

 Send your entry in now and good luck!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wonderland Fun


Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't done a post in weeks. I will work on getting more post. I already have some upcoming post within these weeks. started off the first contest of 2014 with Love Nail Tree. Love Nail Tree is a company that sells clothing & accessories that tell stories within them. Their goal is to talk about stuff that many people don't talk about. Lookbookers are suppose to show how us or our character desires to incite change or how we've been changed because of something that has happened to us. We tell our stories through our look description. I feel as if our pictures should portray our stories too. I've always been inspired by Alice In Wonderland. So, I made some D.I.Y props to go with my picture entry. I also used a bag I designed & an outfit idea I've been obsessive about. I can't wait to reveal everything very soon! :)