Saturday, February 22, 2014

1960's Lace Retro Damask Dress

Front View

Close up of bow & lace sleeves

Close up Side View

Bow Close Up

Bottom Details

Hair Bow to match

Who would be crazy enough not to love the 1960's?? I personally love 1960 fashion and personalities! I like to give my clothes this back in the day look. My garments just come out so vintage!! I just think it's my thing. This dress was inspired by the Mod Fashion in the 60's. I just love the cute little dresses the girls use to wear in that age. I think they are too cute. Mod Dresses is probably one of my favorite trends from the 60's. I take myself back in time every time I make my garments. I got this beautiful grey Damask print from Joann's. The lace is from C.I. Castro's. C.I. Castro's just has some really cool fabric to work with. They sale the fabric a lot cheaper than local fabric stores like Joann's. My goal is to find other fabric shops in San Antonio other than ones I already discovered.

B: 35 1/2"
W: 30"
H: 39 1/2"

I will be doing pictures with actual people in this dress. I am open to selling this dress if anyone is interested. It comes with a bow. The bow matches the one that is on the dress. I think it'll look cute in a 1960's hairstyle.