Monday, February 17, 2014

Part II: Navy Birds & Rose Lace Ruched Bib Dress [Dress on Dressform]

Size: S/M (Alterations if needed)
B: 35"
W: 29"
H: freesize

As some of you may know, I'm a fashion design and merchandising student. I'm a fashion designer. I've been doing this whole fashion thing for almost 2 years. This dress is the first dress I've actually designed from scratch. I usually use commercial pattern for my designs but this dress is made from my own handmade pattern.  I want to sell this dress! It will be sold with the bow. This dress also has lining in it. The skirt section has a lot of flare too. I'll also do alterations if you need them. Unfortunately, I have already sold the shoes. If you want the link to the shoes, just email me or comment below.

If you're interested in buying this dress, just message me on my facebook page.
You can also message me if you want me to make you something like it. :)

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