Tuesday, February 11, 2014

No One Can Take My Soul Away



No One Can Take My Soul Away. I did a story for the Lookbook X Love Nail Tree Contest. I had so much fun doing the photoshoot for this contest. I feel I had the perfect photographer to help me get my story across. I feel as if I have the soul of ying yang. I have both black & white personality. I think we all do. It's fun going out of your way for creativity. I was Alice In Wonderland inspired. I feel as if my character in this story is being unusual and that's great! Unusual is different. Most people don't like to stand out but there's some of us who do. Many fashion designers dare to be different because they want to stand out. I see that as a gift because no one can really portray it. They can try but there's nothing like the first. Expressing & living your dreams is done without the impressions of others. You do it for you and your eternal happiness as a human being. The whole moral of my story is to be who you are and believe you can dream as big as you want without the impressions of others.
My Story:
The Photographer:

Lace Rabbit Ears Headband:
Haunted Gibson Girl Costume Top:
White Black Brocade Skinny Pants:
Thrifted Classic Boots

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