Sunday, February 2, 2014

Wonderland Fun


Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't done a post in weeks. I will work on getting more post. I already have some upcoming post within these weeks. started off the first contest of 2014 with Love Nail Tree. Love Nail Tree is a company that sells clothing & accessories that tell stories within them. Their goal is to talk about stuff that many people don't talk about. Lookbookers are suppose to show how us or our character desires to incite change or how we've been changed because of something that has happened to us. We tell our stories through our look description. I feel as if our pictures should portray our stories too. I've always been inspired by Alice In Wonderland. So, I made some D.I.Y props to go with my picture entry. I also used a bag I designed & an outfit idea I've been obsessive about. I can't wait to reveal everything very soon! :)

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