Wednesday, March 5, 2014

=^_^= Teal Kutties Adventure =^_^=

Birdskull Earrings: HotTopic
Birdskull Necklace: HotTopic
Teal Plaid Raincoat: Thrifted from my grandpa
Burgundy Leggings: Forever21
Teal Polka Dot Kitty Mary Janes: T.U.K. Shoes

Hello you guys! Hope everyone's day is going swell. :) I have an OOTD post for you guys today.  This OOTD is like my own personal mix of chic, kawaii, and edgy. I'm very much in love with each of these styles some type of way. I love the hair that comes from kawaii. The shoes & lacey apparel is a part of it too. There's so much I can say about a chic look but I felt like I presented it here. The raincoat with my black button down and burgundy leggings is more chic than anything. Just my personal opinion. My bird skull necklace and earrings really gave this outfit the edgy pop that I felt it needed.

I'm wearing burgundy lipstick to match my burgundy leggings. There's glitter teal eyeshadow on my eyelids and teal mascara on my eyelashes. I love mixing colors like teal and burgundy because they compliment each other very well. My grandpa let me borrow his raincoat because of the crazy, cold weather in San Antonio. Teal & Burgundy is part of the colors that I love to stare at and wear. I've carried these colors with me since a kid. I love matching. Plaids and Polka Dots are some of my favorite types of pattern. You can never go wrong if you know what you're going for. I'm giving you a tour of my apartments using ze apparel. haha, hope you guys like the post. :)



  1. Super cool outfit and very nice pics :)
    Just Awesome