Wednesday, May 14, 2014

I'll Find My Own Bravado

Glitter Silver Eyeliner - Hot Topic
Red Velvetine - Lime Crime
Black and White Mesh Bow - Hot Topic
Lace Hoodie - Forever21
Body Chain - Samantha Plasencia Design
Red Cami - Forever 21
Key Skull Blouse - Alloy Apparel
White & Black Brocade Skinny Pants - Forever 21
Black & Charcoal Oxfords - Torrid
Hello Everyone!! Another outfit post for the week. Retro Edge for today's look. I'm wearing my Glitter Silver Eyeliner and Red Velvetine. Instead of using my eyeliner like a liner, I used it as an eye shadow. I thought it would look more effective. I put some gloss to my red lips to add more shine. My hair came out curly and voluminous from my look from before.  I just unraveled my twist and just added a twisty in the front of my head.

I love to wear my lace hoodie with my skull key tee. I think it's an awesome mix. I wore a red cami underneath to balance the red in the shirt. I also tried out something new. I'm wearing my body chain underneath my tee. I finally found out ways to wear it a lot more. My body chain is from Samantha Plasencia Design. She's a local designer here in San Antonio. She's been working on a website for her designs. You can check her out here:

To end it off, I wore my brocade skinny pants. I think the brocade pattern goes great with the pattern on the tee. I slipped my oxfords on to complete the look. The colors in the shoes mixes very well with the colors in the whole outfit. I'LL FIND MY OWN BRAVADO. What do you guys get from this title with this look? I would tell you but it wouldn't make you think... haha, Enjoy!! <3

Monday, May 12, 2014

Make Me As A Flower That Grows



D.I.Y Flower Crown
Cream Crochet Inset Hoodie - Alloy Apparel
Lace Layer Ruffle Tunic - Forever 21
Coral Acid Wash Shorts - Forever 21
Cream Tights - Forever 21
Micha Boots - Alloy Apparel

Happy Monday Everyone! Another Sweet, Bohemian Look for today. Sometimes I'm sweet and sometimes I'm not. haha, I had fun taking these photos for this look.
I did my flower crown last year during fashion week. I'm a big lover for crochet and lace. It's a huge trend and one of my favorites. They are perfect things for Spring. Colors like Cream, White, Stone, and Coral are great for Spring. I love all these colors together in one. I went for a Bohemian Chic type of look. I tried to do more creative things with some leftover flowers I had. I think that was the most fun part.
MAKE ME AS A FLOWER THAT GROWS. Like this title, I want to be made into a flower that grows. Flowers are such beautiful and delightful things. There a perfect gift from Mother Nature to us all. We  can do so many creative things with them. Flowers are enriching for the Mind, Body, and Soul. It's all in how you see it. Free People has definitely opened my eyes to that. The Fashion World has had a huge impact on me too.

Friday, May 9, 2014

Whimsical Bedtime Dream



Pajama Top: Handmade By Me, TyTanisha L. Zacharie
Pajama Bottoms: Handmade By Me, TyTanisha L. Zacharie
Grey Big Bow Boots: Rock & Candy Shoes
Hot Pink Black Mesh Bows: Hot Topic
Happy Friday everyone! I have an outfit post to end of the week. I did something a bit different from usual. I styled some pajamas I handmade into an outfit! I made these pajamas during my first semester in college. They were for my Apparel Construction class.
Right Below I have links to the top and bottoms.
I did my hair in this retro hairstyle. It's very different than usual. I like to create new and fun hairstyles like always! I did two bumps in front of my high ponytails. I clipped in my hot pink bows to add more of a pop. I'm wearing my Pink Velvetine Lip Stain from Lime Crime. This stain is perfect because it comes out so great on my lips. I love the smell of it every time I use it.

My goal for this post was to do a sweet, simple, and whimsical thing. I used my bunny pillow pet and Keroppi stuff animal as props. I had to just use my lights and mirror for more of a creative touch. My bed seemed like the perfect place to do poses too. All these photos are taken by yours truly. Creative self-portraits is my current goal right now. I hope you guys like them!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Beautiful Bohemian Dream


Dreamcatcher Earrings: Forever 21
Layered Lace Pearl Necklace: Forever 21
Pastel Pink Paisley Lace Maxi Dress: Torrid
Crochet Cardigan: Cato Fashions
Micha Boots: Alloy Apparel
Hello everyone, I have an outfit post for today! I'm going to try and post one every week this month. Recently, I've been working on taking my own outfit pictures. All these pictures here are all self-portraits by myself. I only hope to get better and better with these!
I wore this outfit to a local fashion show. It was a hair and fashion show. A mix of hair and fashion design students did a fashion show together. It was awesome! All the designs were made out of recycled items. The main theme was water. So, designers did designs related to water. The money for the show actually went to an eco water organization.
I dressed very bohemian and earthy for this event. It seemed right because it was an earth month event. I tried something new too! I did the Canyon Braid for the first time ever. What do you think? Not too bad, ugh? I was so excited to try it out that day. Every thing else in this outfit just fell right into place. I finally found an awesome cream cardigan for my bohemian inspired days. Neutrals, Earthtones, and Pastels just go really great together. Enjoy & Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fall In Spring



White Shirt Blouse w/ Attached Vest: Thrifted
Skirt: Thrifted
Body Chain: Samantha Plasencia-Design
Earrings: Montage
Black Rose Clip: Blackfly Metamorphosis
Black Wedges: Torrid
Hello Lovelies. I have an outfit post for today. I'm wearing an outfit that I got from my grandmother. I really liked it and so she gave it to me. I felt this little outfit was very vintage. My grandma use to wear it all the time. I just added a bit of my own style to it.
I got my hair done and asked for a vintage hairstyle. I originally did this vintage roll updo but it didn't stay put that long. My hair still looked great once I brushed it out. It worked out! The black rose clip was a nice pop for my hairstyle. I'm wearing my onyx earrings from my groovy gypsy post. I got them from my favorite local vintage shop called Montage. You can check them out at
 I finally decided to wear a body chain I've been having for the longest. I love this body chain! Body chains are one of my favorite accessories. This body chain is a designer chain from Samantha Plasencia-Design. It feels awesome to know I'm wearing something that was on the fashion runway. You can check out Samantha's Designs at
Did you guys know something different about me?? haha, if not...I'm wearing black wedges. I never wear dressy shoes like these very often. There's always a chance for everything! I got these cute shoes from Torrid. Torrid always has trendy and affordable shoes. I wore this outfit two ways. I wore it with the vest buttoned and unbuttoned. Enjoy!