Monday, May 12, 2014

Make Me As A Flower That Grows



D.I.Y Flower Crown
Cream Crochet Inset Hoodie - Alloy Apparel
Lace Layer Ruffle Tunic - Forever 21
Coral Acid Wash Shorts - Forever 21
Cream Tights - Forever 21
Micha Boots - Alloy Apparel

Happy Monday Everyone! Another Sweet, Bohemian Look for today. Sometimes I'm sweet and sometimes I'm not. haha, I had fun taking these photos for this look.
I did my flower crown last year during fashion week. I'm a big lover for crochet and lace. It's a huge trend and one of my favorites. They are perfect things for Spring. Colors like Cream, White, Stone, and Coral are great for Spring. I love all these colors together in one. I went for a Bohemian Chic type of look. I tried to do more creative things with some leftover flowers I had. I think that was the most fun part.
MAKE ME AS A FLOWER THAT GROWS. Like this title, I want to be made into a flower that grows. Flowers are such beautiful and delightful things. There a perfect gift from Mother Nature to us all. We  can do so many creative things with them. Flowers are enriching for the Mind, Body, and Soul. It's all in how you see it. Free People has definitely opened my eyes to that. The Fashion World has had a huge impact on me too.

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