Friday, June 27, 2014

....O.... Socialbliss Style Box Review ....O....



SocialBliss StyleBox Items
Eco-Chic Beauty Brushes Set
Flourishing In Florals Headband
Ooh La La Baumes Pour Les Levres AVON BASICS Lip Balm
French Milled Lemon Verbena By South of France
Spring In Paris Mattie Bag By Melie Blanco

Hello everyone, I hope everyone is having a great Friday. :) Today I'm sharing an Socialbliss Style Box with you guys. I'll explain to you guys what Socialbliss is about. Socialbliss is a close creative community of global fashion insiders. They pick the most exciting fashion trends from the internet's overwhelming feast of flood fashion news, sales, products and other sources of inspiration. They then send you their tool-box for trendsetters. Socialbliss carefully curated StyleBox brings you exclusive items made by their members. Socialbliss picks the best coolest trends from the catwalk, street and fashion press and the StyleBox gives you everything that you need to be on-trend, every single month.
 Last year I became one of their Style Insiders. This is their March StyleBox. I've been so busy with school and my other duties that I never got the chance to do my review. One day, I finally took some pictures of my awesome gifts. Socialbliss StyleBoxes are $39.95. The items that you get are worth a lot more than that. This box is worth $121. You're only paying about $40 to get boxes that are worth between $100-$200. I believe $300 is about how high these boxes can be worth. I encourage you guys to buy at least one box and see how you like it.
 I love the color and pattern of my new socks. They're so soft and cozy. I thought the flourishing in floral headband was really cute. I love the print and colors. It's just perfect colors for the Spring. I feel I can still wear this headband this Summer even though Spring is officially over. I'll wear it sometime in my future outfit post. I haven't got the chance to try the soap or lip balm. I'm pretty sure I'll love both of them once I officially try them out. Both the soap and lip balm smell so natural. I personally love things that smell very natural.
The Spring in Paris Mattie Bag was the biggest item I received in my box. It's an Melie Blanco of Designer Melissa Song. I've never in my life have had something so designer. The only design stuff I wear is my clothes. Other than that, I can't afford the designer items that I long for. This bag is more chic than I could ever handle. I love it a lot. I'm so grateful that I received it. I don't really rock stuff like this but I'll learn! haha, I'll be styling this bag in tomorrow's blog post.
The little post card with my name and message on it was the best. It makes me feel personally loved and noticed by the Socialbliss team. It's the sweetest thing. I can't wait to do more Insider stuff with them. Beyond grateful for this opportunity. Hope you guys enjoy! Have a awesome weekend! <3
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