Wednesday, July 2, 2014

She's Got That Whole Earth Goddess Vibe



Forest Gel Eye Liner-Maybelline
Paisley Caftan Kimono Dress-Stacey Summers
Hello everyone, Happy Wednesday! I'm starting out this month with an outfit post. This outfit was inspired by many things. My main inspiration was bohemian culture. I'm always inspired by Boho. I'm so addicted you guys! Lol, I got some inspiration from Jhene Aiko too. I listen to her so much lately. She's one of my current favorites. She has been for awhile now.

To be honest, I wasn't feeling this dress at all. I would wear it to sleep because it's very comfortable. One day, I just instantly adored it. I thought it would be cool to wear out and style up. So, I did! I tried to do a cool background for these pictures. I put some cream lace fabric on top of the blinds and gold satin fabric on the bottom of the blinds. I figured it would go really great with the outfit colors and vibe. Taking these pictures in the daytime really helped too. My goal was to catch the light that comes out before night time. It worked for most of my headshots. I'm pretty proud about that part.

My roommates camera has so many cool settings. I was trying to see how each setting looked in the light. These last three photos were the best body shots in my opinion. I'm still learning how to be a better model and photographer. It's always important to just have fun with it. Pictures come out a lot more better when you're having fun. I hope you guys like that shadow picture I tried to do. I sure love it came out myself.

I'm wearing forest green gel eyeliner to match the paisley on the dress. I also wore some pale gold lipstick with gold glitter gloss. On top of that, I added some of my glitter eye shadow to create a bang! Have a great day today you all! I have a fun post coming for you guys tomorrow. Enjoy! <3

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