Monday, July 7, 2014

^-^-^ /\_/\_/\ ^-^-^ YOU ARE NOW THE KING/QUEEN - DIY Wire Crown ^-^-^ /\_/\_/\ ^-^-^

This whole idea is inspired by my love for the Bohemian culture. I just love the earthy vibe. Bohemian culture gives me this feeling of being wild and free from the world. Free People is a retail business that I'm absolutely in love with. Everything about this business is so beautiful in my eyes. Free People has a super cool blog that has anything you can think of. It's a blog for Bohemian lifestyle. Their blog includes Fashion, Music, Beauty, Food, DIY, D├ęcor, Inspiration, and Movement. One of my personal favorites is their DIY Wire Crown. I found it very whimsical and inspiring to make. So, I decided to make a how to of my own.

WHAT YOU'LL NEED: 2 packs of different color wire (20 gauge), Beads, Pliers, Wire Cutters or Scissors, Ruler or Measuring Tape (I used it to measure the lengths of my pieces but you don't have to do the same)

Start by making the base of your crown using your head as a guide. Leave room for comfort and attachment before you cut your wire piece. Cut 1 or 2 more pieces of the same color wire in the same length. It really depends on how thick you would like your crown to be. Twist all your pieces together.

Cut 2 pieces of another colored wire much longer than your base crown. You'll be putting your beads on one of these wires.
Twist both of your wires about 2-3 times and then add your bead. Repeat this process until both ends of wire are twisted and beaded up. Leave some length on both sides of your beaded wire for the next step. Use your pliers if you're having any trouble twisting the wire with your hands.

Attach your beaded piece of wire to your unbeaded wire. Start from the middle of both different colored pieces and twist together each side.

[My piece of beaded wire came out shorter than I expected. So, it's only in front of the base of the whole crown. I twisted a single piece of extra wire on each end to have more of my other color wire around my whole crown.]
Use your pliers to wrap the ends around the crown. You can also use your pliers to bend in any little raw edges you may have. Try on the crown to see how you like the fit.
Start cutting your crown pieces once the base of your crown is finished. Cut the pieces as long as you want them to be. I cut 12 pieces of each color. I cut 10 inches of my unbeaded color wire and 12 inches of my beaded color wire.

 Twist each pair of the unbeaded color wire you used. Bead your beaded color wire like you once did before. Leave some space at the ends for your beaded crown pieces too.
Attach both of your different color wires starting from the middle. Bend the middle of your pieces once you have both sides of each piece twisted together. Your crown piece should look like a triangle. Make sure your beads and ends are even.

 Put your 6 crown pieces around the base of the crown to decide your placements.
Bend the ends of each crown piece for wrapping around the base of the crown. Use your pliers to wrap them around once you have them as you like.

^-^-^   ^^-^^-^^   ^-^-^   You're done! You Are Now The King/Queen!!   ^-^-^   ^^-^^-^^   ^-^-^

Feel free to contact me through any of my social links if you have any more questions about this DIY. I want you guys to tag me through my social networks if you do this. I would really love to see your crowns! You can find all my social links through my Facebook page.

 I hope you guys enjoyed doing this! Tell me what you liked and disliked. Also, tell me what other DIY's you would like to see from me. Below I have 3 versions of my DIY Wire Crown. I'll explain more about the other two through my styling of them in outfit post. Have a great day everyone! <3