Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Black Grey Damask Hair Bow



Model: Reanna Witherspoon
Bow Handmade by TyTanisha L. Zacharie
Photographer: TyTanisha L. Zacharie

Hello Everyone! Today's post consist of photography by me. I took these pictures with my roommates camera. My grandparents actually surprised me with one of my own for my birthday!! I was too happy to finally have a camera of my own. Capturing the natural light was a huge goal of mine for these pictures. I picked up some knowledge about lighting in photography. So, I'm trying to do experimentations of my own. Sunrise and Sunset times are always the best for lighting.

I had fun taking these pictures. My friend here isn't a career model but I think she did an excellent job. I can't afford to use real models. So, I use friends that I think would look great with my stuff. I mainly did this photo session for my handmade bow. I made five of these babies to sell on my Etsy shop. I want to start off  with small amounts of small little fun things. I will progress within time. So, expect to see more on my Etsy within the year.

I wanted to show you guys how you can style this bow. So, that's why some of these photos aren't entirely focused on the bow. Also, I tried to have more fun with taking the pictures. I told the model that she could style the bow however she wanted to. Many females wear bows, but in their own type of way. Age and style vary around with accessories like this.

Below I have the link to my shop to make purchases. If you'd like a customized bow, just let me know. My facebook page or email will probably be the best way to reach me. I'll put the info for those down below also.

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