Thursday, August 21, 2014

Black & Gold Wire Crown


Model: Darin Persyn
Wire Crown Handmade By TyTanisha L. Zacharie
Photographer: TyTanisha L. Zacharie
Hello guys. I know I haven't blogged a post in a while. This month has been crazy for me. I kept having problems with getting a model for this crown. I finally found one to work with and we took the photos yesterday. Darin is an extraordinary model and easy to work with. Yesterday was my first time meeting and working with her. Everything went by so smoothly.

In this shoot, I experimented with a new method I've learned about. I got the inspiration from Emily Soto Fashion Photographer. I talked to her through a facebook comment about this method that I saw her use in a video. She put mesh over her camera lense as she took pictures. She told me that she used the mesh to make the photos look hazy. I found that very cool and decided to try it out myself. Can you guys tell which ones I did with the mesh overlay?

I'm selling my DIY Black & Gold Wire Crown on my Etsy Shop. I told Darin to go for a Dark Bohemian kind of theme. I figured it would mix very well with the whimsy & imperfection of the crown. Darin styled the crown very well! The link for the crown is down below. I'll put the link to Darin's model page down below too! She has done such awesome things. I hope you guys enjoy! :)

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