Tuesday, December 9, 2014

San Antonio Fashion Week 2014 Day#1

Hello everyone, I'm sorry for going all MIA on you guys. School has literally been eating me alive. Also, I'm still trying to master time management. Anyways, I wanted to share some photos I took at my local fashion week. This year I only went to two events throughout the week. I absolutely loved seeing the fashion week logo downtown. It was like Deja Vu.

My favorite thing about FWSA was seeing Analy Diego's art. It was something uniquely different to see around. "Lucha libre mask have a historical significance in Mexican culture, dating back to the Aztecs. Today, their colorful designs are a reflection of the gods, sacred animals and ancient heroes of Mexican history. After a fight, if a wrestler loses his masks it signifies losing his identity as a character. Taking inspiration from this important part of Mexico's folk culture, this collection represents how the major fashion icons of our time fought their way up in the fashion world, never losing their "mask", or their identity as designers." -Analy Diego

I think the whole story behind these mask are incredible. Analy is incredibly genius for coming up with these mask. Oh how glorious inspiration can be. It just shows you how great the creative mind is. We don't only learn history from these mask but we have the pleasure in seeing them.
Below I have links to Analy's website, online shop, and social media. :)
Twitter: @DiegoAnaly



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