Tuesday, February 3, 2015

DECO TEASE "Dare To Dream" Party

Hello everyone, today I'm writing a post about DECO TEASE. I went to DECO TEASE's Dare To Dream Party last year in December. I did a little internship with them. It was very simple and not all that long. I wasn't available that much at the time. I helped make the dream wall. Part of the bottom and all of the letter M was done by me. The dream wall was really fun and relaxing to do. The entire Dream Wall is made out of Post-it notes.

Christy is the creator of DECO TEASE. She owns, designs, and artistically creates everything for DECO TEASE. Christy is a very creative individual. She has so many awesome ideas. I thought it was so cool how many unique things she came up with for this party. She is a multi-talented soul. I think it's incredible how many products DECO TEASE exposes you to. You can literally choose from so many things. DECO TEASE sells handmade clothing, accessories, bath & beauty items, and home décor.

I'm super glad I got to experience DECO TEASE in person. Christy is such a sweet person. I enjoyed helping out for this event. The vibe was chill but full of fun. I can honestly say that I had a great time. I met new people and mingled with friends. The ambiance felt great to me. The interior set up was way too cute. Not to mention the goodies from Big Guido's was yummy.

The Dream Wall

The Expression Board

The Pink Champagne Table

My Big Guido's goodies

The Welcoming Wall

Lexi Murzea Portrait Photography Setup

Christy Johnson (middle person) with her models Taylor, Judy, Darin, and Karina. (left to right)

Christy Johnson (middle person) and models Taylor, Judy, Darin, and Karina. (left to right)

I took so many photos from this party. I just wanted to share some of my favorites with you all. You can find all the photos I took on DECO TEASE's Facebook page. I didn't want to dread you with too many photos. There were a few giveaways going on at the party. Lexi Murzea ran one for her photography business. She was giving away a free photo shoot voucher with a makeover and money to spend on photos. Guess what?? I won that giveaway!! I was so happy and surprised when I heard my number. I've been behind the scenes with Lexi a few times. I thought it'd be cool to assist her in shoots so I could learn some things. She's amazing at what she does. I can't wait to model for her.

Christy gave gift cards to all of us who helped her out. It was more than enough. I thought it was very generous of her. When shopping, I was debating on what color turban I should buy. I was holding them both in my hand in the picture with Lexi. I decided on getting the metallic gold turban. I can't wait to show you all how I styled that! I'll be getting the burgundy looking turban later. The social links for DECO TEASE and Lexi Murzea Portrait is below. I hope you all enjoyed my post. Have a great night everyone!!

Me with Lexi Murzea from Lexi Murzea Portrait
Twitter - @decotease
Instagram - @decotease

Lexi Murzea Portrait
Instagram - @leximurzeaportrait

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