Thursday, April 16, 2015

Divine Goddess Artistry Valentines Day Event

Hello everyone, today's post is about Divine Goddess Artistry by Karma Sutton. Divine Goddess Artistry is a team of freelance makeup artists, hair stylists, and a fashion stylist. I've talked about DGA many times before. Kenisha "Karma" Sutton is the CEO/Founder of DGA. DGA was established starting September 2013. The original initials for Karma's business is DGAKS. In November 2014, Karma changed the name. I'm still using the initials DGA just for today's post.

In February, I went to DGA's Valentine Day Makeup Party. They were offering discount makeup services. The purpose of this event was for the ladies to get their makeup done for their lovers. DGA was offering full makeup application with or without false lashes. I offered to blog this event because Karma was looking for someone to do so. I thought it'd be cool to help out. We've worked together many times and it felt right.

I didn't get my makeup done but I took a few pictures from the event. I wish I had taken better pictures of the actual makeup layout. I thought it'd be cool to share a post about this beauty team. I'm personally a lover of makeup. I'm not an expert but I hope to get better with my own in the future. Makeup is a huge part of fashion and that's the reason I love it. I also love that it's another creative outlet. It's another fun way to express yourself.

I hope you guys enjoyed today's post. The social links for Divine Goddess Artistry is below. Check them out! I tried something different with my photos. Let me know what you guys think of them. Have a great night everyone!!

Divine Goddess Artistry by Karma Sutton

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