Friday, April 24, 2015

Style Lush TV Fashion Blogger Meet N Greet

Hello everyone, how are you all doing? Today's post is all about the Style Lush TV #GFB Meet N Greet event back in February. GFB stands for Guest Featured Blogger. This was the first meeting of all the GFB's during January. In December, Style Lush TV did a blogger call for fashion bloggers on their site. The whole purpose of this call was to give exposure to new fashion bloggers. I myself decided to go ahead and apply.
After a few days, I got a call from Burgundy about my email. I was going to be featured on Style Lush TV! I was so excited because it was a huge deal to me. Style Lush TV is literally at every fashion event here in San Antonio. I found it cool that the fashion people of San Antonio would get to know about me and this blog.
We all went to Tacos N Tequila for the Meet N Greet. I never been to Tacos N Tequila and was excited to check it out. Style Lush TV got the people there to provide all of us with the happy hour menu. We got some pretty great appetizers and tacos. I had a taste of their Limonadas. I got the Strawberry-Lemon-Basil and Orange-Lemon-Raspberry Limonada. I expected them to be sweet but they were sour. I think I should've known since they were made out of freshly squeezed lemon, lime, and orange juice. I put a little bit of sugar in them to balance out the sour citrus flavor. Aside from that, I really loved the refreshing taste.
I decided to get all three of the tacos they were offering for happy hour. My favorite was the Chicken Verde Taco. The Picadillo and Pulled Pork tacos were too spicy for my taste. I can handle some spice but I just don't prefer it. For Dessert, I tried out their Donut Holes. They're made fresh to order. The donut holes are coated in Cinnamon Sugar and comes with three dipping sauces. The Sangria dipping sauce was my favorite out of  the three. I would love to taste their flan next time just for fun.

It was great getting to meet everybody featured on Style Lush TV. Everyone got to chill out and mingle. We all had the chance to do a little video introducing ourselves. Later on, Burgundy asked one of us do an interview video. So, I decided to be the one to speak.
I hope you all enjoyed reading this post. I put the social links for Style Lush TV and Tacos N Tequila below. Check them both out if you all would like to. Also I have the links to my feature and the Meet N Greet. Check out my feature here. Check out the post from the #GFB Meet N Greet here. I apologize for any crazy faces I may have made while talking. I was kind of nervous to talk but I went for it. It's interesting to hear how I sound on video. My voice sounds so different. haha, I wish I did a lipstick check before speaking. Anyways, I think I made some good points in the interview. Have a great night everyone!!
Style Lush TV
Tacos N Tequila

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