Wednesday, April 15, 2015

The Empire Group Vision Board Social

Hello everyone, today's post is about The EMPIRE Group. I know this blog is mainly based on fashion but I wanted to share something different. The EMPIRE group is a group for business, entrepreneurial woman.  The word EMPIRE stands for Enterprise Manifesting Personal and Inspirational Relationships of Empowering. The main focus of this group is for women to empower each other. Shanavier McLemore & Kisha Scott originally came up with the idea for this organization.

In January, I went to their Vision Board Social event. Shay invited me to come and check out the event.  For this specific event, Shay & Kisha had all of us create vision boards. We all created a vision board that included our personal goals for the New Year. The vision boards were placed in a frame so that we could always observe our goals frequently. Before starting, we all introduced ourselves to one another, so we could get to know each other. It was nice getting to meet everyone and learn things about them.

I always have fun getting involved in things within my community. I'm always sharing things about my life and this seemed to be alright to share. I enjoyed spending some time with my friend Shay and her peeps. It was a great, fun night. I wish I had actually finished my vision board for you all to see. I wasn't feeling too well at the time. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this post! Go check out The EMPIRE Group!! I have their information below. Have an awesome night everyone!

The EMPIRE Group

Shay prepping up the name tags.

Kisha Scott (left) & Shanavier McLemore (right)

Ernestine Hopkins, Teacher & Author of "Saving Myself From Me"

Fun Group Photo

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